The New Nintendo Indie World Showcase has just finished, and it was full of some incredible indie titles that are heading to the Nintendo Switch. But did you know that most of these games are also coming to the Steam Deck or are already released? So, we went through and found each game, verified if it was on PC or coming, and posted it here!

Here are all the games shown in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase that are coming to, or already on, the Steam Deck:

Nintendo Indie Showcase Games Coming to Steam Deck:

Little Kitty, Big City ( May 9, 2024)

Yars Rising (2024)

Refind Self: The Personality Test Game (Released)

Sticky Business (Released)

Antonblast (2024)

Valley Peaks (2024)

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes (May 16)

Europa (2024)

Cat Quest 3 (August 8)

BZZZT (Released)

SCHiM (July 18)

Animal Well (May 9)

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami (2024)

Another Crab's Treasure (April 25)

SteamWorld Heist 2 (August 8)

And that's all the games that are coming! I am especially interested in SteamWorld Heist 2, SCHiM, and Yars Rising. While there was no Silksong reveal, sadly, it's still awesome to see all these cool games coming out, and I can't wait to play them on the Deck!

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