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Development on Titan Quest II is progressing, and the developers are wanting to share more about some of the creatures you'll face in the game. Their latest developer diary showcases just some of the creatures you'll be fighting against, those being the Gryphon and the Hippokampi.

If you aren't familiar with Titan Quest, you can watch Titan Quest II's announcement trailer here:

Titan Quest II puts you in a fight alongside gods, fighting against gods. Take up your sword and face against creatures inspired by Greek and other ancient mythologies in this Action RPG. Plus you can join up with your friends if you need a helping hand too.

The developer diary mentioned above highlights 2 of the creatures you'll face in Titan Quest II, the Gyphon and the Hippokampi.


In combat, the gryphon’s most powerful ability is its ability to take off into the air and utilize a powerful swooping attack. As an agile creature, it will also be capable of pouncing around the player, lashing out several times in a row where least expected. This then gets rounded out by several variants of regular melee attacks. While this is the first and easiest miniboss you will come across, the developers still intend for it to pose a threat and test your combat fundamentals.


The hippokampos is somewhat more advanced in combat than the gryphon. Utilizing a mixture of cold and lightning damage, it will hit the player with a barrage of powerful attacks, such as a telegraphed, but sudden geyser eruption, as well as a powerful water jet followed up by a stunning lightning strike. It will also be able to hurl ice shards at the player and make use of several melee attacks, as well as a defensive barrier.

What’s more, the developers are experimenting with making this creature completely immune to crowd control effects (e.g. stun, freezing) outside of telegraphed windows of vulnerability. These aspects together will require that the player makes use of all they have learned so far. A good sense of attack timings, movement during combat, and evasion will be rewarded.


Titan Quest II will launch on Steam when it's ready. The game is planned to have full controller support, although the system requirements are already looking on the heavy side, so we'll have to wait and see if the Steam Deck can handle Titan Quest II.

Are you excited to get further glimpses into the creatures you'll be facing in Titan Quest II? Let us know in the comments below!

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