Nightingale is a cool-looking upcoming survival game that, once I saw it, I found myself intrigued by. I like the idea of a steampunk-esque fantasy survival game with a way to completely change the landscape of the realms you travel to. It's an interesting concept, and a couple of days ago, developer Inflexion Games posted some pre-launch updates to get us ready for release. And for those who want to play on the Steam Deck, there's some good and bad news.


Starting with the bad, FSR 3 is being removed. This is due to crashes from the server stress test that they performed, and there seem to be a lot of crashes that stemmed from FSR 3. This is a bit of a shame, considering the visual and performance improvements that come from the upscaler. Luckily, we will have XeSS as an option, but FSR 3 has the possibility of frame generation, which would be fantastic.

The team also mentions that, due to UI changes, controller functionality has been impacted. So, while using a gamepad is possible, you may need to provide occasional keyboard or mouse input, but they are working on full controller support.

On the plus side, the team did confirm that they are working on full Steam Deck support. They mention it is possible to play on the Steam Deck, with some minor controller issues, but it isn't considered an official platform yet. Due to this, their customer service will not help much with issues you may have on the Steam Deck at this time. But, if you do come across a bug, they mention submitting a report and make sure to mention that you are playing on a Steam Deck.

Regardless, Nightingale does look awesome, and I can't wait to try it out for myself. I do wish Steam Deck support was better at launch and FSR 3 was implemented, but I am hopeful it will come back later on!

Nightingale will be released on Steam on February 20th in early access.

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