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This has been a confusing and whirlwind week. in the beginning, a new Nintendo Switch emulator called Suyu popped up and seemed to unofficially revive the work Yuzu was doing, but with some new bells and whistles, as well as a better ethics code behind it. It seemed to have some steam behind it, as people were flocking to check out the emulator, but ultimately, it was taken down...and then revived again...all within a three-day saga of curiosity and confusion. If you missed it, here is a bit of a recap.

SteamDeckHQ does not promote, encourage, or tolerate piracy in any way, shape, or form, but we do value emulation and the necessity it brings for game preservation.

The Suyu Saga: Released, Gone, Then Back Again

As mentioned above, Suyu, which is based on a fork of the early access version of Yuzu, was released on March 20th on Gitlab, with its official 0.0.2 build. With their mission statement, which pushed for no financial gain from the project, it seemed that things would be a bit different for the new Switch emulator. But, fate had other plans, and they were forced to make a bit of a change.

In a DMCA that was sent by Gitlab a day later, which was posted by Mr. Sujano on Twitter (X), and reported on by GamingOnLinux, it states that Suyu, being a fork of Yuzu, is covered by DMCA due to Nintendo settling with the Yuzu developers regarding their version of the emulator. So, due to the DMCA notice, Suyu was brought down.

It only took one day for the DMCA notice to come around and take down Suyu, and with it using Yuzu code, it made some sense. I wouldn't have been surprised if it ended right then and there, but we were in for another big development not long after that.

About one day later, the emulator was back, but not on Gitlab. The team decided to host their own Git and have the emulator up on their website, giving them a lot more freedom. This was announced via the Suyu discord, which was posted on March 22nd:

IMG 3235

Now, things are pretty up in the air. Suyu got a. DMCA notice due to using the Yuzu code, and anything could happen with the new build of it on the personal Git instead, but as of right now, it is up for download.

Like I mention above, we do not endorse or encourage piracy in any way, and personally, I do have some issues emulating games from a console that is in production currently. Regardless, it is interesting chronicling everything that happened with the emulator, and I will be watching it to see what happens next.

I have also reached out to the Suyu team in hopes we could talk to them about their project and these developments, and we will update the article accordingly.

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