If you are looking to get a SteamOS-like interface on a Windows handheld, there are a limited number of Operating Systems that can do it. One of these is Bazzite, which aims to be an alternative to SteamOS, but uses a different base (Fedora instead of Arch) and offers some unique features. Today, Bazzite released their next version of the OS, which is primarily aimed at fixing issues on the Legion Go and ROG Ally. But there are new options and fixes for the Deck as well!

A new command to install CoolerControl, which can be used for controlling fan speeds on different hardware, was added, as well as HHD-UI on the Steam Deck. HHD, or Handheld Daemon, is a fully featured controller emulator that can handle DualSense, Dualedge, Xbox 360, and even Virtual Touchpad emulation. It even has a fully-featured Steam Overlay! So, Bazzite has made it much easier to use it on your Deck from the get-go.

As for the Ally and Legion Go, the biggest improvements are the fix for suspend issues. Now, you should be able to suspend your devices without worry, which was a big reason to not take advantage of this OS before. There have also been some Nvidia driver updates, an orientation fix for GPD WIN MAX 2, a new patch to avoid conflicts with Fedora's trim service, and more!

Bazzite 2.4.0 Update Changelog:


  • Add ujust command to install CoolerControl, an excellent GUI for controlling fan speeds on a wide array of hardware (30eac4a)
  • amd: Add LACT to topgrade (cf5e0f0)
  • deck: Add HHD-UI (a8f5feb)
  • just: add option to add user to libvirt group (#865) (36388bc)
  • just: add option to disable vfio (#830) (c86a56a)
  • nvidia: Update to Nvidia 550 drivers (95123e0)
  • Update isogenerator to latest version (#822) (fe48ae0)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for recent suspend issues on ASUS Ally and Lenovo Legion Go
  • Add patch to avoid conflicts with Fedora's trim service (ed02a65)
  • Add version gating for the fsync kernel (07e0e33), closes #873
  • ci: issues with enrollment password (#823) (1e26697)
  • Correct issue with user setup script execution check (93bc12f)
  • correct orientation for GPD Win Max 2 (2022) (#819) (0f2fb7d)
  • custom initramfs args actually get applied (2bef48a)
  • deck: Correct the default display scale on KDE images (c86fc7d)
  • deck: Ensure the detected branch name is always lowercase (26b1d53)
  • deck: Replace die with finish 0, may correct update errors some users have been experiencing (e980853)
  • desktop: Correct missing steamos-add-to-steam executable in KDE (a8e77d1)
  • distrobox-export (#803) (55cf1cb)
  • dont remove waydroid-choose-gpu (#856) (d58a511)
  • just: Add missing description (#834) (0805791)
  • just: Create repo file with sudo (ba72610)
  • make sure custom initramfs args are set (6bd4949)
  • nvidia: Always reboot at the end of bazzite-hardware-setup, potentially fixes frozen screen that makes kargs appear to take an infinite amount of time. NVK soon? I want off Mr. Nvidia's wild ride. (c267cbe)

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