THE FINALS is still one of the few tactical shooters that surprise me with its focus on physics destruction across an entire map. I love the concept, and it is executed very well. And with its upcoming 2.6.0 update, we have a new game mode that should make it even more exciting to play!

Terminal Attack is a new game mode that pits two teams of five against each other to attack or defend an objective. Attackers must deposit cash into a Terminal with a decryption key, while the defenders have to stop them. There are seven rounds, and each person has one life, no respawns, and healing is disabled. You will need to rely on strategic planning with your team and take advantage of the fully destructible world to take down the enemy.

The new mode will be available for a limited time starting on May 2nd. It will come alongside the 2.6.0 update on the same day. There isn't much information about what else will be coming along with this update yet, but it will definitely be worthwhile, considering this mode, which reminds me of Rainbow Six: Siege, is part of it!


THE FINALS is available on Steam to play for free. It is labeled as Steam Deck Unsupported, but it is very playable on Deck!

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