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With the release of EmuDeck's 2.2 update, a lot of bugs got through the cracks of their testing. So, the team quickly brought out a new update to fix some of the biggest bugs people have been facing. This includes the Steam Rom Manager parsers disappearing, Ryujinx not creating saved game folders, fixing the CHD compressor, and Pegasus now working in game mode again. There is also some new support for ES-DE launchers, and the Model 2 emulator should be installed again.

If you haven't used EmuDeck before and you want to get emulation up and running on Steam Deck, go ahead and follow our EmuDeck guide to get it all set up and ready to go! We do not condone piracy and will never post links to any games or BIOS, but we support emulation as a whole for game preservation with past consoles that are no longer in development.

EmuDeck 2.2.12 Hotfix Changelog (Posted in EmuDeck Discord):

  • Steam Rom Manager, we've reverted back dynamic parsers. This was causing some parsers to disappear. This will come back in the future.
  • Fixed an issue related to the CHD compressor in EmuDeck Compressor.
  • Fixed an issue with GC and 3DS folders on ESDE.
  • Fixed Ryujinx not creating saved games folders
  • Model 2, sometimes it just wont install, fixed.
  • Pegasus not working properly in gaming mode, fixed.
  • Fixed an issue related to RetroArch and its buildbot assets.
  • Fixed support for both new ESDE and old EmulationStation-DE launchers.

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