With everything happening in regards to emulators, it's about time we need some good news. And it seems we are about to get some, as the newest version of EmuDeck is upon us to bring in some nice goodies! With a new frontend, theme selector, better Linux support, and more, there's a lot to look forward to with the newest update. The new update should automatically download once you open EmuDeck up, so with that in mind, let's check out some of what makes this new 2.2 update so great:

emulation deck

If you haven't used EmuDeck before and you want to get emulation up and running, go ahead and follow our EmuDeck guide to get it all set up and ready to go! We do not condone piracy and will never post links to any games or BIOS, but we support emulation as a whole for game preservation with past consoles that are no longer in development.

The New Pegasus Frontend and Theme Support

First, we now have the option for a new graphical frontend if you'd rather not use ES-DE! A graphical frontend for emulation is a UI program that will detect and sort all of your emulated games into one visually appealing place. You can set up your games there, get cover art, sort by system, and more. There are also different themes to make it look exactly how you'd like it to! And while ES-DE has been in there already and does this, we now have a second option.

This update also brings in a theme selector for both ES-DE and Pegasus, which will allow you to get it looking exactly how you want in the easiest way possible.


New Emulators and Controller Profiles

Along with this update, we also have a couple of new emulators. We have BigPEmu, Flycast (Dreamcast), Model 2 Emulator (Sega Model 2 Arcades), and Supermodel emulator (Sega Model 3 Arcades). All of these should be available to download from EmuDeck's GUI!

We also have a new GameCube and EmuDeck Radial Menu profile that has all emulators mapped out to it!

Better Linux Support and More

On top of all of these, we also have some general Linux improvements to make run a bit more smoothly on Linux devices. There is now support for different Linux distributions and ChimeraOS, new Parsers have been added to Steam Rom Manager, ES-DE is now fixed along with melonDS being the default core for Nintendo DS, and there have been a multitude of new emulator-specific improvements, including PPSSPP getting RetroAchievements support.

There's a lot more going on here, and you can check out the full changelog over on the EmuDeck blog post. There are a lot of changes under the hood, but it's a pleasure to see them nonetheless!

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