Did you just make an insane play in your favorite game and want to save a clip? Well now you can! Decky Recorder, a plugin made by marissa999 that is used with the Decky Loader Plugin Manager, was just updated to now be able to clip the past 30 seconds of gameplay at the press of a button!

By enabling "Replay Mode", you will be able to press the Steam button and Y button together to record the past 30 seconds of whatever was showing on the screen. You can also manually select longer clips to take, but 30 seconds is the only one triggered by the hotkey.

Decky Recorder

This means it will pick up the MangoHUD overlay, if you have it on, and going into any SteamOS menus and such. The recording will be in MP4 format by default and save to the defined filepath (which shows in the plugin:


The file is relatively small too with my 30 second Dead Cells clip being around 26.5mb. Of course, this will most likely go up with more demanding looking games, but overall, it is good quality and very accessible.

The replay mode does eat up a little more battery, forcing my Dead Cells drain to be 10W and above, but it works well! I am happily impressed and love that this feature now exists.

The Decky Recorder plugin can be found in the Decky Plugin Store. I just typed in "Record" to the search bar and it popped up for me. The original function of this plugin is to give you the ability to record gameplay as you go. So, if you hit "Start Recording", it would just record everything until you go back to stop it. You can also select between MP4, MKV, and MOV filetypes for this type of recording.

Our guide to install Decky Loader is still being written, but you can check out their Github for some of their instructions on how to install.

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