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Now that the Steam Deck is out and easy to get, we now have some decisions to make regarding how we want to protect this glorious device. This could mean getting a silicone or hard-shell cover for your Deck or even using the carrying case it comes with. While the carrying case Valve provides is very good, there are a couple of features missing that I personally wanted to see, like extra storage space for the charger or a shoulder strap. Well, Xiufavty came over to answer this call and released their own version of a carrying case for the Steam Deck!

Xiufavty Steam Deck Carrying Case

Their version of the carrying case is here to be the answer to all of these desires. It is a slightly larger case, but comes with pockets for extra storage for SD cards, underneath for a charger or other small devices, and attachments so you can use a shoulder strap (which it does provide). But how does it really hold up? I'll tell you!


The Xiufavty case is made with a combination of an EVA shell exterior and a Nylon interior. Externally, the EVA shell covers the entirety of the case with no indents and feels very strong and resistant to the decent amount of pressure I put on it. Compared to the stock Steam Deck case that comes from Valve, it feels like it will be more protected. The interior feels softer due to the Nylon and doesn't feel like it will scratch or hurt the Deck in any way. All the flaps inside are made of the same material as well.

Design and Features:

The design is pretty similar to the usual Steam Deck cases, but has some key differences that make it stand apart. Outside, the case is slightly bigger than the Valve case, which provides additional space inside for extra storage. There is also a strap on the back to slip anything else you want there, though I don't personally use it on any case as I fear it would fall out. It does still have a handle, but the biggest difference is the two buckles on the outside to attach a sling to it. This allows you to use it as a backpack or shoulder strap, which will keep both your hands free while carrying it.

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On the inside, we have indents in the top and bottom of the case specifically for the Deck's handles, buttons, joysticks, and triggers. This helps the Deck sit comfortably without any pressure on it. There are 2 flaps on the inside as well. One works as a makeshift stand that has a little slot to put SD cards, while the other acts as a cover for the hole for the extra storage inside. Speaking of which, the hole on the bottom is there for extra storage. This is around 6.7in x 4.3in x 1.38in and can fit a decent amount (more on this in the practical use category).

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I would also like to mention that this carrying case is designed primarily for a Steam Deck with either a silicone or no case on. While it does fit my Killswitch deck, it is slightly on the tighter side, which I don't mind, but it is notable.

Practical Use:

This case has a bunch more practical use in general than other carrying cases like it. The biggest one is that shoulder strap. Being able to connect the strap and have it sling over the shoulder helps a ton when moving around and being able to keep my hands free. Personally, this is huge for me as I can hold my phone while walking around or just relax with my hands to my side. This is arguably my favorite thing about this case and what really sets it apart from other competitors. The strap that comes with felt a little bit small at first, but really grew on me (though I wouldn't mind it being slightly longer).

Moving to the inside, I didn't really use the built-in stand as much. While it is a nice option to have, I can't see myself finding a scenario where I would use it. The biggest feature inside is the storage space there though. In the smaller space, you can fit a decent amount. With the right configurations, you can fit in a solid amount. The Valve stock PSU fits in well, but it is a bit bulky so not much more can fit. Some of the bigger docks, like the JSAUX M.2 or iVoler dock, won't fit, but the upgraded JSAUX and Valve dock fit well! On top of that, they can both fit in with my Baseus wall plugin and USB C cable that I use to charge my Steam Deck in general!

Some examples of combinations that can fit inside this case. This includes the SD card holder I have for my extra SD cards.


Personally, I have been using this case for around two weeks and I have been loving it. I would just sling the case over my shoulder and bring everything I needed with me in such a small package. I do wish the strap was a little bit longer and the space for extra storage to be slightly larger, but it seems this is the best possible with the size of the Deck and case itself. It was also slightly tighter for me due to the Killswitch case, but not enough to compromise the integrity of what it is made for. I think this carrying case is awesome and one that I will be using whenever I need to go somewhere quick and just need my go-bag! Though, if you are going on long trips, a backpack that can hold more would be a better, but for quick trips to friends or work, this case is perfect.

The case is available on Amazon for $22 with a 8% coupon you can use! This brings the total down to around $20, which I think is a great price for this product. Without any sales, the case is around $25, which I would still say is good for this product. As long as it stays under $30, this will be worthwhile.

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