While the release of the Lenovo Legion Go has been exciting, it hasn't been going smoothly across the world. While a majority of people in the US and around Europe have started to get their devices, including myself, purchasers in the UK have been hit by what seems to be some delays for shipments there.

While looking at the unofficial Reddit and their discord server for the Legion Go, I noticed that a lot of UK customers have been talking about not getting any shipment confirmations or updates. I decided to take a look into it, and with the help of Deck Wizard, who is from the UK himself, to help confirm some of what is happening.

Looking at the retailers that are selling the device, every page for it says it is either out of stock or will be shipping later. The four I looked at were Currys, Argos, EE, and Lenovo's site. Argos page is just gone, while Currys says they are out of stock. EE's page says the stock will be in on November 10th, while Lenovo's website says the product will ship in 2 weeks, which seems to back up a possible November 10th date.

Deck Wizard, who purchased his device from Currys, mentioned that the support team said to check back in on November 2nd. This could indicate they are getting shipments going on the 2nd, or they will have more information then, but it seems like, regardless, something is holding up shipments to the UK. There were also some reports of Argos mentioning that a tracking update would be provided tonight, but it doesn't seem to have materialized.

Regardless, it looks like Legion Go customers in the UK will need to wait a little longer to get the beefy device in their hands. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon or we get some new information! If you are curious about how the device is, you can check out our impressions for both the good and the bad so far.

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