Of all the Windows handhelds coming out, the AYANEO KUN has been at the top of my list for the most interesting. The large handheld is packed full of features, including two glorious touchpads that I love to see. Now, the Indiegogo campaign has launched, and after a single day, AYANEO has almost raised $400,000!


The campaign will allow you to buy in early for a discounted price. There are four different options to choose from, each having a reduction of at least $150:


The KUN is a really interesting device. It has an 8.4-inch screen, uses the AMD 7840U APU, has a gigantic 75Wh battery, and a 54W TDP. There's a lot more to the awesome-looking handheld; you can find a full breakdown of what it offers in the campaign launch announcement. But here is a highlights sheet with an overview of what to expect:


You can pre-order the AYANEO KUN on their Indiegogo page now, with an estimated shipping of October this year.

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