Today we had 2 updates coming to the Steam Deck! The first was a Steam OS update, bringing everything over from the Preview build, including performance improvements for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Then, we had a small Beta Client update which brings over some fixes, as well as adds a tooltip to the “other” section in the storage settings on Desktop Mode to see what it contains.

Steam OS 3.4.8 Changelog:

  • Updated graphics driver with a fix for a GPU crash in Splitgate
  • Updated the graphics driver with performance improvements for STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor

Steam Deck Beta Client Update 5/23/23 Changelog:


In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed issue where the tabbed browser would load up web pages from a previous session when not pinned. These web pages should only be restored if the tabbed browser was pinned or when the tabbed browser is made visible.

Desktop Mode

  • Added a tooltip to "Other" section in storage settings to explain what it contains
  • Fixed occasional crash when toggling a game's favorite status through the play bar on the game details page.
  • Fixed maximized windows intermittently being sized incorrectly

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