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Valve pushed out a new Steam Deck Client Beta today. This one fixed a couple issues with library not loading and a regression to Yaw & Roll sliders, as well as added a search tab to the controller layout browser screen! This will allow you to search through layout results shown in other tabs, like the community ones!


  • Fix issue with the library not loading when Family View is enabled
  • Added more buttons to the list of inputs that skip the BPM/Deck start up animations

Steam Input

  • Added a search tab to the controller layout browser screen. Note: this is in place of the "Your Other Games" tab from the original Big Picture Mode interface and also allows you to search through the results shown on the other tabs.
  • Fixed Regression to Yaw & Roll Combined Sliders - negative contribution from Yaw and/or Roll is now respected

You can view the full changelog and discussion over on Steam.

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