Steam Deck Beta Client Update

Valve pushed out a new beta client update yesterday! This one fixes a bunch of issues and adds the ability to apply text filtering preferences to guides, increased responsiveness of the "Joystick Deadzone" visualization, and set the "Gyro as Joystick" to optionally output to the Left Joystick:

Steam Deck Beta Client Update 3/27/23 Changelog:


  • Fixed issue where a game's specific uninstall UI was not visible
  • Uninstalling a game no longer displays a modal dialog
  • Apply text filtering preferences in Guides in the Overlay
  • Removed soundtracks from All Collections since it has its own tab
  • Fixed an issue where two settings pages could be visible at once
  • Fixed overflowing friends list when sharing a screenshot
  • Fixed some styling issues in the Quick Access Menu > Friends List

Desktop Mode

  • Display an error if the user is trying to log in anonymously in the client. This mode is only supported for steamcmd.
  • Fixed "Manage Storage" button opening the storage settings page
  • Fix soundtrack cover art not appearing in content management panel
  • Fixed popup menus opening at the wrong DPI in multi-monitor mixed-DPI configurations.

Steam Input

  • Increase responsiveness of the "Joystick Deadzone" visualization
  • Gyro As Joystick can now optionally output to Left Joystick
  • Fixed Gyro's Left/Right Stick Deflection Modifier not working
  • Fixed Modeshift bindings not being removable when viewing the command on the input

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