As a PC gamer, I am always trying to find the best ways to enjoy the content that I want, and on PC, the content can feel pretty endless. From PC games that date back 30 years to emulators that allow us to play games from consoles in ways they were never supposed to. We have an endless stream of content, and we are always looking for the best ways to play them. So, on the Steam Deck, someone has decided to take it upon themselves to add a second screen to their Steam Deck for emulated games!


Coming from a post from user TyePower over on Reddit, he took the time to show off his creation, which makes emulating games like the 3DS and Wii U significantly more enjoyable thanks to the ability to split the screens like their original consoles. I actually tested this theory not too long ago with the AYANEO FLIP DS, which is a Windows handheld with a similar dual-screen design, and we reviewed it, but seeing this possible with the Steam Deck is really neat.

TyePower was able to do this with a 7-inch pocket monitor that can be used for consoles, a clamshell detachable mount (which needs both mounts in the kit), a USB-C to USB-C cord, and a right-angle adapter. With all of these put together, he was able to create the final product: A Steam Deck DS. And yes, I call it that because it can close as if it had a clamshell design, which is pretty neat. When all the prices are put together, this should add up to less than $200 to achieve this!

It may become hard to put the Steam Deck in cases, but it is certainly a cool way to play these emulated games!

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