Curious how current Steam Deck users feel about the OLED and if they will upgrade? Our survey results are now live to answer this question and why!

With the new Steam Deck OLED being available for purchase in the coming days, a lot has been speculated on the possibility of scalpers or bots snagging purchases, especially for that sweet limited edition model. Luckily, this is something Valve has thought of and are implementing similar measures to combat this as they did with the original model.


In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Valve has made clear exactly when the device will be going live and what requirements you must have to purchase the limited edition version. To do this your account must:

  • Be in the United States or Canada
  • Good Standing (no VAC bans)
  • Have made a purchase before November 2023

You are also limited to one unit per account, so you can't purchase multiple limited edition models at a time.

Valve mentioned that they see this Steam Deck model as an experiment to gauge demand and learn how they could do this themselves. If there is enough demand, they may even try exploring more colorways in the future. With how gorgeous the limited edition looks, I would love to see what other colors Valve could cook up. There wasn't any mention if this is applicable to the non-limited edition versions of the OLED, but I am sure there will be some restrictions to make sure there are no bots or scalpers at play.

All models of the Steam Deck OLED will be available for purchase on Steam on November 16th at 10am PST. There will be 3 models available for purchase after this:

  • 256gb LCD Screen - $399
  • 512gb OLED Screen - $549
  • 1tb OLED Screen - $649

The 1tb Limited Edition version will be $679. Since Valve is retiring the 64gb and 512gb LCD versions of the Deck, they have reduced the price tremendously to $349 and $449 respectively.

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