Tekken 8 Proton GE

Over the last two days, there were two Proton GE hotfixes that dropped to fix some of the issues that arose with the newest big patch. Coming from 8-28, which saw the addition of ULWGL support, we have 8-29 that brings in the Tekken 8 online matchmaking fix, an update to vkd3d-proton, and an issue with the drive_c symlink has been fixed. As for 8-30, EAC will now be loaded and the issue that made non-Steam games try to run using Steam.exe has now been fixed!

For those who don't know about Proton GE, how to get it on the Steam Deck, or how to update, check out our Proton GE guide! We go over all of this and explain why having GE is important.

Proton GE 8-29 Update Changelog:

  • hotfix: updated proton bleeding edge to include tekken 8 online match disconnect fix
  • updated vkd3d-proton
  • fix issue with drive_c symlink during prefix creation when using ulwgl (it's now possible to run scripted game installations using ulwgl and proton-ge)

Proton GE 8-30 Update Changelog:

  • fixed EAC not getting loaded. During my ULWGL changes I accidentally made it so steam games werent running using steam.exe inside the prefix... which of course broke EAC games. The code snippet involved is needed so that non-steam games don't try to run using steam.exe and thus dont create the Steam_API error. woops. fixed now.

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