Proton GE 8-24 Yakuza 5

The next Proton GE update was released today, which brings in some nice fixes for games, as well as a new component to the layer to help with older games. The biggest addition is D8VK being added to Proton GE, which will help with older games that use DirectX 8. To use it, you will need to use a specific command to enable:


There was also a protonfix added for Fable 3, and a fix for Yakuza 5's cutscenes was brought in as well. There were also some decoders added for Crimson Skies and Mafia 3, the Farlight 84 fix has been updated, and there were some upstream changes and overrides that were added. The core components of the layer were also updated.

For those who don't know about Proton GE, how to get it on the Steam Deck, or how to update, check out our Proton GE guide! We go over all of this and explain why having GE is important.

Proton GE 8-24 Update Changelog:

  • Added protonfix for Fable III
  • Added yakuza 5 cutscenes fix (thanks NishiyamaPedro)
  • updated Farlight 84 fix (thanks OOOOOF123)
  • Added D8VK to proton for DirectX 8 games. Disabled by default, need to use PROTON_ENABLE_D8VK=1 to use it. (thanks loathingKernel)
  • Enabled vc1image,mpeg1video,mp2 decoders in ffmpeg for Crimson Skies (thanks loathingKernel)
  • Enabled indeo5, adpcm_ms decoders in ffmpeg for Mafia (thanks loathingKernel)
  • Fixed github actions (thanks loathingKernel)
  • imported upstream VR changes
  • imported upstream steamclient changes
  • imported upstream Resident Evil 2,3,7,8, Hogwarts Legacy nvapi overrides
  • imported upstream Hogwarts Legacy amd ags override
  • updated dxvk to master
  • updated vkd3d-proton to master
  • updated wine to bleeding edge

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