Ever since the fee changes that Unity implemented and later took out, developers have been looking for new engines to use and build their games on. While some have stayed, and some have gone to Unreal, a lot have been looking at Godot. Godot is an open-source engine with a lot of versatility that is completely free to use! We have seen it used in some incredible 2D and 3D games, like Brotato, Cruelty Squad, Lumencraft, Halls of Torment, Cassette Beasts, Dome Keeper, and many more.


One of the biggest features that Godot has is the ability to support desktop, mobile, web, and other consoles all through the engine, making it viable to use for multi-platform releases. This includes Linux and SteamOS, which means Steam Deck support is possible, and thanks to this cool plugin, deploying it to the SteamOS devkit becomes a lot easier.

Developed by Laura Sofia Heimann (or LauraWebdev on Github), Godot4-DeployToSteamOS is a Godot 4 plugin that is used to deploy your game to SteamOS devkit devices with a single click, making it significantly easier and less of a hassle to bring your game over to the devkit. To do this, you need to install a couple of NuGet packages, add the folder to your project, build it, enable the addon, define the build path, and then create a new Linux/X11 export preset named "Steamdeck."

You will then need to pair the device by clicking "Add devkit device" in the dropdown menu on the top right, and you will need to connect your device through the official SteamOS devkit client at least once before pairing, but after that, you should be good to go! From there, you should be able to build and upload your project wirelessly and bring it over to the Steam Deck automatically. Here's a video showcasing it from the creator of the plugin:

Currently, the plugin uses external libraries that are only compatible with the C# version of Godot 4, but this is still a wonderful tool that can be used to streamline the process of bringing and testing games in the SteamOS environment. Hopefully, plugins like these could help bring more games to the Steam Deck with better support, and personally, I would love to see more Godot games showing up!

You can download the plugin for yourself via Github.

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