The Lenovo Legion Go has been out for a couple of days now, and people are starting to use it more and more. With this, there have been a couple of issues people have discovered, including outdated drivers and some necessary features that could benefit the device in the long term. It seems Lenovo is hearing this and moving fast to get some of these improvements out ASAP.

You can check out our first impressions here, where we note Legion Space and trackpad issues.

Lenovo Legion Go Updates

In the post, Ben Myers, a product manager at Lenovo, posted an update on the Legion Gaming Community forums about some upcoming updates for the Legion Go. The focus seems to be primarily on Legion Space and getting some optimization out with new settings. The first update should be coming around November 10th, while the next one will be 2-4 weeks after.

As for what these updates will entail, the post mentions Legion button optimizations for quicker and more intuitive access, Trackpad DPI and Joystick deadzone management, and improvements to the Game Profile system. There are also new graphics drivers coming, which is great since the current ones are from July (the newest ones are currently on the Ally from September). The team also makes a note about how many gyros are in the device, which is 3 (one in each controller and one in the main unit).

There have also been some comments underneath the post suggesting some more features I hope Lenovo takes a look at. Zeyd P. mentions custom fan curves, baldsealion suggests controller mappings for keyboard controls and macros that can be assigned to back buttons, Akoi requests an FPS cap option (One of my two big asks), and Cheese D. asks about more VRAM allocation options and RAM curves. I would love to see an option to change VRAM in Legion Space, like how Armoury Crate on the Ally does it, so hopefully, Lenovo will give us some easier access.

We can't wait for these updates, and it's awesome! There is a way to get the new drivers now, through the China version of Lenovo's website, but since we haven't tested yet, I would recommend waiting for the official drivers coming soon.

Legion Go Upcoming Update Changelog 11/02/2023:

  • Space: Another update coming around November 10th, and another 2-4 weeks after that.
  • Space: Darker UI option will be released around November 10th
  • Space: DPI Settings for FPS mode will appear in Controller settings once FPS mode is toggled on (already implemented in
  • Space: Right Legion button optimizations are being worked on so that it is quicker and more intuitive to access performance settings and toggles.
  • Space: Trackpad DPI and Joystick Deadzone management are work in progress
  • Space: Working on making "Apply Game Profile" more intuitive, some improvements coming around November 10th
  • Drivers: New VGA drivers are coming very soon (within next 72 hours) and can be found here when available:
  • Gyros: 3 Total, one in each controller and one in the main unit.

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