Lego: At the Movies Humble Bundle is Live! Humble Bundle has just come out with a new bundle, this time focusing on Lego games! If you don’t know much, these games are all 3D platformers with a gimmicky humor. They are relatively fun to play and have a good chunk of value to the cheap $10 price tag. The Lego: At the Movies bundle includes 9 games that are fantastic additions to your library:

Lego: At the Movies Humble Bundle

Lego: At the Movies Humble Bundle Games:

These games are a ton of fun to play and for $10, this deal is a winner! Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Marvel and DC Lego games a ton, especially Super Heroes 2 where you can make your own hero in an open world and play as all the heroes you’ve wanted to! Don’t pass up on this opportunity.

The Holiday Encore version of this bundle will last until 12/19!

The link to the bundle above is a referral link and all proceeds from it go directly to SDHQ and it’s development. If you’d like to check out another awesome bundle, the July 2022 humble choice is live and including Deep Rock Galactic, an incredible coop FPS!

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