This could be a fascinating development if you are an Android handheld fan! According to a leak from verified sources, it seems the upcoming tease from AYANEO could be named the Pocket S, and it might use a chip that is more powerful than Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.


If this turns out to be accurate, and AYANEO collaborates with Qualcomm on this device, they could be using a new Qualcomm processor that trumps expectations for the device. It's possible we could be seeing a new King of Android Handhelds very soon if this all turns out to be true. This could be a second iteration of the Pocket AIR, which was announced prior, or its own second Android handheld that is releasing alongside it.

With this leak, we also received some renderings of the rumored Pocket S that look beautiful and sleek.

If all of this is true, we could see a very high-end version of an Android handheld that trumps any other handheld, especially in power. Hopefully, we will get an official confirmation soon, as I am interested to see if this is true and to what extent.

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