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Portable monitors have changed the way I bring my portable devices. Thanks to how I use them, I don't bring my laptop anymore and just set up a monitor with my Steam Deck or ROG Ally plugged in to a dock with my wireless keyboard and mouse. It sounds like a lot, but it saves on so much space because I bring my devices and dock no matter what. On top of this, portable monitors also gives the chance to enhance the docked experience in multiple different ways, but there are few that can enhance the experience like this.

INNOCN's 15.6 inch OLED portable monitor is one of the more premium choices that exist right now for an affordable price. Not only does it sport a gorgeous vibrant display with true blacks, it also has some great built-in features like HDR. All of this is in a package that is around $368 on Amazon at the time of writing, though the normal/retail price rests at $400. Now this isn't a cheap price, but I believe for what is being offered, this is a fantastic deal.

Materials/Build Quality

Starting with the actual monitor itself, the make and feel of the physical device is great. The back is made from Aluminum alloy, giving it a smooth and sturdy feel. The front sports a 15.6 inch OLED screen in the front, which contributes to the 43 x 30.3 x 6.91 cm (16.92 x 11.9 x 2.7 inches) size. The monitor also weighs around 725 grams (1.59 pounds), making carrying it around not much of an issue.

While using and holding it, I felt the quality of the material used. I also kept it in a backpack with a bunch of other items, squishing it, for a few days at a time and it came out looking as pristine as it was when I got it.

Screen + Other Features

The biggest pro for this monitor, however, is the incredible OLED screen. With it utilizing this tech, you will have a stunning, vibrant screen that has little-to-no rivals. Playing games like this is stunning and has become my go-to desktop setup for gaming. I was playing Exoprimal on this earlier just for fun and, while the game is a blast, there is no comparison when it comes to how colorful and vibrant the game can be:

The difference is striking and makes browsing, videos, and gaming so much more enjoyable. On top of that, the monitor comes with other great features like different modes for FPS and RTS games, blue-light friendly mode to reduce eye strain, and HDR capabilities, which can be modified with the top buttons. With the touch of a button, you will be able to turn HDR on and off, making the colors even more vibrant and really stand out. I did notice that it also made some games and images look a little bit too sharp, highlighting some white lines, but it overall made the screen look more vibrant and bright.

The monitor doesn't have a built-in stand, but it does come with an external one that can be attached via a magnet in the back. There is a small circle directly in the middle of the back showing where to attach it. I like this because you can not only make the screen horizontal, but you can also turn it a bit and make it vertical! This is really cool to do and gives you more flexibility to create the desktop solution you want. On the other hand, the stand is big and long, so it takes up more space. The way I liked having it set up, the stand took up almost a foot of space.

Unfortunately, one knock I have against it is that it comes with no case. This means you will need to buy an extra one, which is a bit of a shame, but well worth the sacrifice to get an extra layer of protection. The monitor does come with 2 USB-C cables, a HDMI to Mini HDMI, and wall plugin so you won't need to get anything else to use it! The monitor does have speakers, which work fairly well, but there is no built-in battery, so you will need a power supply going into it.


Usually, this product is around $400, though I have seen it go down to $300. Both of which are good prices for what you are getting, but as of writing, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get this monitor for $200! There is also a $15 off coupon you can attach, so all-in-all, it will be around $200 AFTER TAX. I am not sure how long this price will go for, but this is a no-brainer deal to take advantage of. No matter the flaws, $200 for an OLED monitor is a steal and I am genuinely shocked that the price is so low.

Real-World Uses

Just like other portable monitors, this is best used in a portable desktop situation. This means setting it up in a spot to sit down, relax, and stay stationary. I am actually writing this entire accessory review in an Airbnb while on vacation and it is incredibly comfortable being able to write like this instead of using the small screen of my Steam Deck or ROG Ally.

INNOCN 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor playing Exoprimal

Just like I mentioned above, playing games on this is fantastic too. In the last couple days, I have played Exoprimal, Genopanic, Hades, Jagged Alliance 3, and Atelier Marie Remake and the advantages of OLED over the LCD panel on the Steam Deck is a night and day difference. The monitor can handle any refresh rates from 50hz - 60hz, but it can't go all the way to 40hz. So as long as you are okay playing games at 30 FPS for ones that might need 40, this will be a fantastic experience.

However, you will need to connect the Steam Deck via a Dock to use it. The monitor is able to take in USB C video, but the cables I were using didn't work with it. I did have power passthrough though, but it isn't enough to play games without the Deck losing battery. It was enough to keep the Deck charged while doing regular desktop work, so using this for regular work in Desktop mode will be okay.

IMG 5982

Thanks to how skinny and light the monitor is, carrying it around is easy. I have been able to easily keep it in my backpack and it only needs 2 cables for it to work, one to power on and the other to connect to the dock. With me already taking my Steam Deck and dock wherever I go, this works swimmingly.


INNOCN's 15.6 inch OLED Portable Monitor hits the mark in every way it is supposed to. The screen is vibrant and colorful, bright enough to keep you seeing it clearly, and comes with awesome options for HDR and blue-light reduction. On top of that, the monitor is light and thin, so moving around with it is fantastic. The HDR can be a hit or miss in some instances as it makes the screen look a bit sharper and there's no carrying or protective case that comes with it, but these are minimal as the actual product succeeds so wonderfully.

And with the monitor being $200 right now on Amazon, if you are a member Prime, this is an incredible deal with what you are getting! Overall, there's no reason to skip out on this deal as the monitor is amazing and has fantastic features to pair with it. If 15.6 inches is too big, there is a 13.3 inch option too, which has the same features as the 15.6 inch, and costs $150 right now thanks to a $20 coupon. You can't go wrong with either!

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