The GPD WIN Mini is an upcoming handheld PC that looks incredible. It seems I am not alone on that front, proven by their Indiegogo campaign crushed it with over $815,000 raised so far from 805 backers. While this powerful clamshell design handheld has a lot going for it, there was an issue discovered that looks like it will be fixed before they ship.


Noticed initially by The Phawx in his video explaining why he can't recommend the device, he explains that the spots where the buttons are can get extremely hot. The internals of the device are fine, but when playing at any wattage above 10, the heat becomes a major issue, and the fans can become a bit too loud.

Today, through a Twitter (X) post from the official account, GPD addressed this issue and made a decision on how they were going to fix it:

GPD has decided to change the material of the shell, swapping to a Polycarbonate material used in similar handheld PCs like the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and even the PSP. This should help with the heat. They also mentioned that the structure of the hinge is very well designed. After they have modified the shell, it will be sent to a third party to test temperature under high TDP, and will follow up once the tests are done.

Here is hoping this will fix the issue!

You can look at the specifics of the GPD WIN Mini on our article and pre-order your own on Indiegogo. They are due to be shipped out in November this year.

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