Become a hunter and carve a bloody path of destruction when EvilVEvil lands on Steam this Summer. A closed beta is due to begin on March 1st, you'll be able to find more details on the closed beta over on the game's Steam page in due course.

Ready to see the game in action? Check out the announcement trailer down below:

It's looking like a pretty hectic time! EvilVEvil will let you team up with 2 other players for some co-op trio fun! But it's not going to be all buddy-buddy with your friends, you'll receive rewards for being the most destructive player in your squad, so it's a competition to see which of you can be the most deadly!

The game will feature 11 episodic missions, as well as 3 playable characters at launch. Mashaka can teleport and use fire magic to surprise enemies. Leon is a heavy-hitter, who can pull enemies towards him to meet a devastating fate. Finally, Victoria, the leader of the squad, can create copies of herself to hunt down enemies, before slicing them with her deadly katana.

EvilVEvil gives you the chance to feel like the hunter, rather than the hunted, allowing you to cause massive devastation against hordes of enemies.

EvilVEvil will launch this Summer on Steam, pricing will be $19.99 at launch. A closed beta will begin on March 1st, details of how to join will be available on the Steam store page in due time.

The game has full controller support and low system requirements, which might be expected, as the game was announced over 4 years ago! So it should run quite well on the Steam Deck.

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