Halloween is either beginning soon or has already begun, but instead of going out or after you come back, you want to relax with some horror games. While you can check out the awesome bundles and sales for horror games, we went ahead and asked our incredible community what horror games they would recommend to play on the Steam Deck! Some answers were obvious, while others were new games we were trying out for ourselves! So, here are the recommendations we got:

Community-Recommended Horror Games for the Steam Deck

Alien Isolation - Recommended by @SpookyKristyn

Alien: Isolation - Horror Games on Steam Deck

Alan Wake - Recommended by @therealc4d


Alisa - Recommended by @DUSKDev


Darkwood - Recommended by @TheBasque14


Dead Space (2008) - Recommended by @jackwhitegbc


Dread X Collections - Recommended by @DanielT61120763


FAITH The Unholy Trinity - Recommended by @Curlyfryman1


Heaven Dust 1+2 - Recommended by @SpecShadow

HeavenDust2Stock1 1

Labyrinthine - @SpookyKirstyn


Little Nightmares - @sparky_labrador


Resident Evil 4 Remake - Recommended by @mateostech

RE41 1

Silent Hill 2 (Emulation) - Recommended by @Noc79141130


Signalis - Recommended by @ryan0451 and @therealc4d


Song of Horror - Recommended by @TheFirstJosh


Super Lone Survivor - Recommended by @TheMcfluffy


Tamashii - Recommended by @DmDarkshade


The Bunny Graveyard - Recommended by @27hectormanuel


Visage - Recommended by @DeathLordStrong


World of Horror - Recommended by @AgdnanA


It's quite a great list of games, and I had never heard of Alisa or The Bunny Graveyard before the suggestions, so it was great to add them to my Steam Deck library! Personally, I am a huge fan of Amnesia: The Bunker. It has a fantastic atmosphere and can be really anxiety-inducing. I can't recommend it enough!

And a big thank you to everyone who suggested a game!

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