Earlier today, a new livestream was aired from AYANEO detailing their new android-based handheld, the Pocket AIR, ending with the Indiegogo pre-launch that is live now. This is AYANEO's first foray into Android handhelds, only working with Windows before this, so seeing them put their expertise, and technologies they use, into a new OS device is quite exciting. It looks like it will be a fantastic entry point into Android devices with the features they are implementing, so let's take a look into it:

AYANEO Pocket AIR Details:


Starting it off, the AYANEO Pocket AIR continues the trend of lightweight and portable devices with this one. With a thickness of around 17mm and a weight of 380g, this looks in the running to be AYANEO's lightest and thinnest device they have ever made. Because of it, this can easily fit into your pocket and carry around with little issue.



The exterior design is using a combination of red, white, and yellow-ish joystick caps. This is to pay homage to classic systems using a combination that many are familiar with. Honestly, I love seeing the red buttons, it looks appealing and quite unique.


The ergonomic grip that we see in the AIR devices also makes a return here, which ensures that holding this in your hand will be as easy and comfortable. This will definitely make Android gaming much more comfy and wonderful.


Just like AYANEO's Windows handhelds, the Pocket AIR will have hall-effect joysticks and triggers, effectively eliminating chances of dead zone and drift. You will also be able to remap some controls to different functions thanks to the Master Controller, which has been adapted to Android as well.

The device will also utilize the SoundTapMagic audio vibration feature, which will allow retro games to have haptic feedback you will be able to feel in your hands. On top of that, there is X-axis linear motors and dual six-axis gyroscopes, which will further enhance the haptic experience.



AYANEO is used to building Windows devices, which notoriously need a lot of power. So, instead of using a smaller battery, AYANEO has equipped the Pocket AIR with a 7350mAh Windows-grade battery. This is impressive when comparing to other popular Android handhelds like the Razer Edge (5000mAh), the AYN Odin (6000mAh), and the Retroid Pocket Flip (5000mAh).



A huge feature of this device, and one I personally love to see, is the AMOLED screen that is being used here. At 1920x1080 resolution, this screen will offer incredibly vibrant colors that really sets it apart from other Android handhelds. It has a wide, almost 180 degree viewing angle with fast response and minimal light leakage. Along with OLED's true blacks, your games will look colorful and gorgeous with this.

Power and Cooling

To power this device, the AYANEO Pocket AIR will be equipped with a MTK Dimensity 1200 processor. This is a 6nm chip that offers 8 cores with 1 core clocking at 3000MHz, 3 cores clocking at 2600MHz, and 4 cores clocking at 2000MHz. The GPU has a clock speed of around 850MHz with 9 execution units and 144 shading units. Along with it is 16gb of LPDDR4X RAM with a 2133MHz frequency with a download speed up to 4700 Mbps and an upload speed of 2500 Mbps.

This chip will offer a good balance of power efficiency and heat performance thanks to the large-sized cooling fan. This is generally used for Windows devices, but has been adapted for the Android ones. There will be 3 preset fan options, which you will be able to cycle through using AYASpace's Quick Tool.


Software System

As mentioned above, AYANEO is integrating AYASpace into this device, which means they have created a brand-new software ecosystem for the Pocket AIR. Using their self-developer launched called AYAHome, you will have a smooth and seamless experience that features a simple, yet beautiful UI.

AYASpace itself will be separated into 5 sections on the Pocket AIR: Focus, Library, Settings, Moments, and Center. You will be able to find games, access game details, and use convenient management features. And with Quick Tool, you will be able to switch performance modes, fan modes, performance monitoring, and access a majority of the handheld settings.


AYANEO will also be using a cloud-based database for retro games so you can match covers, descriptions, videos, and more to your retro games. This will make organizing a breeze and make sure your library looks fantastic.


The AYANEO Pocket AIR is looking pretty fantastic so far and we are excited to see it in action in the future. The pre-launch is now live on IndieGogo now too with a launch planned in late August!

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