AYANEO has been on top of releasing different devices this year, ranging from new 7840U devices to their first-ever Android handheld. There were so many 7840U devices that we even created a guide to go through all of them and their differences! It has been awesome seeing the evolution and the specialty devices they are working on, and one of them just so happens to be a clamshell design. The AYANEO FLIP doesn't have a ton of information about it out yet, but recently, the company has released some new renders to give us a look at the device itself:

Posted on the AYANEO discord and shown off by The Phawx (Cary) on Twitter (X), I am loving the design so far. I like having everything condensed, and it looks quite comfy to hold. I am curious how using the joysticks will feel since they are a bit indented, but the screen looks bezel-less, which I like. I am also hoping the keyboard isn't too hard to use for people with stubby thumbs, like myself.

It also looks like there could be a fingerprint sensor and optical mouse at the top, which would be nice options. It was also confirmed that this handheld would use a 7840U, too, which I anticipated, but confirmation is confirmation!

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Noah Kupetsky
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