With the amount of handhelds we are seeing coming into the market, there is bound to be a lot of variety to keep things interesting. Today, AYANEO continues this trend with the announcement of their next device, the AYANEO FLIP. Announced on Twitter and their official discord, the FLIP is promising a sleek design with great performance.


Specifics of the internals have not been released just yet, but it was confirmed on the discord server by Arthur Zhang, CEO of AYANEO, that the device will be released this year. This is interesting, to say the least, and I am quite excited to see how this device will stack up against other flip handhelds, including the GPD Win Mini that went live on Indiegogo today.

The image above does make the screen look very skinny, but I believe this is just the angle of the screen and not indicative of how it will look in person. I'm also curious to see how big it is since, in the picture, it looks very small due to how close the keyboard is to each other. My fat thumbs never could handle keyboards like this, but I am curious to see how big it is in person. I have followed up with AYANEO on the device to see if more specifics can be shared and will update the article accordingly.

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