Even though I have been lurking and involved in the Steam Deck community, they never cease to amaze me. A couple of days ago, we reported on someone who modified their Deck to be a dual-screen device, like the Nintendo DS, and it became a semi-clamshell handheld. And today, I came across another gem. If you are looking for an extra challenge when gaming, you can always try using your old Apple iPod as a controller.


Originally posted on Reddit by user nekomichi, they showed it off both playing Sleeping Dogs and Skyrim, which the latter apparently felt much better than the former.

After seeing how it was done, it seems like it's one of the easier modifications to do than a lot of others, but very hard to actually master using it. Here is a comment they made under the first of two posts showing this off and explaining how they did it:

Both iPods in this video have been modified with the Rockbox custom firmware, which allows them to act as USB input devices.

The iPod Mini on the left is acting as a mouse cursor controlled by the four directional keys with the centre button acting as a left click (attack), the iPod 4th generation on the right is acting as a multimedia controller, with fast forward acting as taking a step forward and rewind as taking a step back. Due to limitations in the firmware, it's not possible to send button-hold commands which means in order to continuously walk forwards I have to mash the fast forward button repeatedly. Also the Click Wheel is faulty and detecting ghost scrolling, in multimedia mode that controls the volume which is why the Deck's volume keeps jumping up and down randomly.

nekomichi - Reddit Post

While I don't have iPods to try this out with, I am definitely tempted to just see how difficult it is to use. Even though I am not surprised, seeing this kind of stuff still amazes me, especially since I would have never imagined trying to turn iPods into controllers to begin with. Either way, there's a reason I love this community, and nekomichi embodies one of those reasons.

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