Update 3/4/24 - Yuzu has released a statement on X acknowledging that Yuzu is being discontinued, and Patreon, Discord, and Github repositories are being taken offline.

About a week or two ago, it was announced that Nintendo was suing the team behind Yuzu, which is the biggest Nintendo Switch emulator. It was an uproar in the beginning, and a lot of people were talking about the end of emulation and how horrible this was. Well, we now have an update on the case, and it looks like a big win for Nintendo.


According to a post on X from user @OatmealDome, the damages were announced earlier today in a document for the entry of Final Judgement and Permanent Injunction, which amounted to 2.4 million US dollars.

From this post, we can only see the damages, and upon reading the document for myself, it seems that's what this is. But there is a bit more to it. In an attachment to the document, we have a proposed Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction document. This document goes a bit more in-depth into what Nintendo demands. The first part is the 2.4 million in damages, but it also demands a permanent injunction to:

  • Offering Yuzu or any source code/features Yuzu uses
  • Offering any software or devices that circumvent Nintendo's technical protection measures, including ones that relate to proprietary cryptographic keys
  • Directly infringing on Nintendo's copyrights or distribution of Nintendo's copyrighted video games
  • Commiting any future violation of Nintendo's intellectual property rights
  • Forming new entities or associations for the reasons stated above.

Yuzu also will have to abandon and surrender their domain name "YUZU-EMU.ORG" and any variant of this and transfer to Nintendo's control.

This unfortunately also seems to extend past Yuzu to the tools used to dump games from the Nintendo Switch. These include TegraRcmGUI, Hekate, Atmosphere, Lockpick_RCM, NDDumpToo, nxDumpFuse, and TegraExplorer. These also include the cryptographic keys, like the prod.keys file.

Now, this is a proposed Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction attachment, so it isn't 100% that this is what will happen, but seeing as how fast this is ending, it would make sense that Yuzu has agreed to Nintendo's terms.

Whether Yuzu is at fault or not, this is setting a dangerous precedent for emulation as a whole. Unfortunately, this was a hard fight they would have had to go through, and while I hope for the best for the team, it was hard for me to see this ending up any other way. We will be watching and seeing if this will be the end, but so far, it is looking that way.

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