If you are still on the fence about getting a Steam Deck and hoping for a cheaper price, you may be in luck soon. In an apparent leak, Valve may have accidentally let something go live on Steam that shows an option for people to buy a refurbished Steam Deck.

First noticed by Pavel Djundik, creator of SteamDB, Pavel tweeted (or x'ed?) about 3 new links that came online, showing each Steam Deck version having a refurbished option with a cheaper price:

  • 64gb - $319
  • 256gb - $419
  • 512gb - $519

Unfortunately, it seems the links to these were taken down shortly after, so I couldn't see it for myself, but luckily, Wario64 was able to grab some screenshots of the refurbished options for each of the Steam Deck sizes:

If this is something Valve decides to implement, it could be an awesome way to bring Steam Decks to others for a cheaper price. And with the device having parts that are easy to get and replace from iFixit, this seems like a no-brainer to get this awesome device for even less and be able to fix it up if necessary!

On the other hand, we might need a little more information on Steam/Valve's hardware refund policy. As Fan the Deck noted on Twitter (X), Steam's hardware refund policy applies to the refurbished versions, but Valve's hardware refund policy does say the limited warranty doesn't apply to items in "REFURBISHED condition". Some clarity will definitely be needed, but here's hoping it will apply in the end since it is being sold through Steam.

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Noah Kupetsky
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