Take on the role of Wiktor Szulski, The Thaumaturge, and use his powers to lend a helping hand to the residents of 1905 Warsaw, and stand against the Russian Secret Police, the Okhrana, who control the streets of Warsaw.

The developers have released a trailer, showcasing one of the game's quests 'To Dust, You Shall Return'. Watch as the quest unfolds, leading to a battle against the Okhrana, where Wiktor can unleash his thaumaturgy powers.

As you can see in the trailer, there's a diverse amount of environments in 1900s Warsaw. From elegant hotels to shady neighborhoods with even shadier characters. What kind of people will you encounter as you explore Wiktor's backstory and learn of his struggles?

Wiktor's unique thaumaturgy powers allow him to anticipate enemy attacks and call upon ethereal beings known as 'salutors' to defeat his foes. That's not all the salutors are good for, however, they can be used to sway people to your way of thinking during dialogue. What other uses could Wiktor's thaumaturgical powers have?

You can explore the rich tapestry of 1900s Warsaw when The Thaumaturge lands on Steam, February 20th.

The Thaumaturge has full controller support, and while the demo at the previous Steam Next Fest back in October did have a Steam Deck graphics preset, it seems like it ran rather poorly on the Steam Deck (22-25 FPS) according to users trying it at the time. Hopefully, the past few months have been spent optimizing the game and there's a chance this could run, especially as they do seem to be trying to support the Deck.

1900s Poland isn't a setting we see very often, has The Thaumaturge got you intrigued? Let us know in the comments below!

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