BANDAI NAMCO just dropped the news that TEKKEN 8 has reached 2 million units sold after launching on the 26th of January, just one month ago! The company immediately stressed that they will continue to support the game with content updates, esports events, as well as music and licensing announcements, and it's no wonder when the game has been such a commercial success!


To put it into perspective for the TEKKEN series, TEKKEN 7, the previous game in the series, reached 2 million units sold after 2 months on the market and reached 3 million after one year. TEKKEN 7 currently holds the record for the most commercially successful game in the series, but TEKKEN 8 is in a good position to take that crown as the series goes from strength to strength!

The TEKKEN WORLD TOUR 2024, an esports event that previously used TEKKEN 7, will make the move to TEKKEN 8 on April 13th, 2024. Players will compete across the world to earn points with the hope of reaching the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR Finals!

There is also the promise of more in-game items coming via the TEKKEN Shop. Including costumes from previous games in the series, character skins for avatars, and licensed items from collaborations.

TEKKEN 8 is available on Steam for $69.99, and there is a demo available. In our review, we found that the game is perfectly playable on the Steam Deck, with some minor performance hiccups. Valve agrees as it has the "Playable" Steam Deck Compatibility Rating on Steam.

Are you happy to see the TEKKEN series doing so well lately? Have you played TEKKEN 8 yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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