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It's a combining of two epic Capcom franchises, as Street Fighter 6 is celebrating Monster Hunter's 20th anniversary by adding new themed items, cosmetics, and events!

Check out the trailer below to see some of what you can look forward to during the event:

And here's a rundown on the full details of this Street Fighter 6 x Monster Hunter collaboration:

  • The Battle Hub is now styled in Monster Hunter-themed decor, as well as Monster Hunter music.
  • Rathalos and Rathian can now join you in the photo booth to spice up your pictures!
  • During the event period, players can watch one Tutorial within Fighting Ground to get the Wyvern Jawblade avatar gear!
  • The next Street Voter event kicks off as well with the age-old question – “What’s your favorite Monster Hunter weapon?” Voting opens on April 8 and all voters will receive 2,000 Drive Tickets!
  • Limited time Monster Hunter weapon shaped accessories will be available for purchase from the Hub Goods Shop via Fighter Coins or Drive Tickets, with lots of challenges to earn Drive Tickets from! Multiple weapons can even be equipped together!
  • Premium rewards for the Fighting Pass include avatar gear like Rathalos Helm, Mail, Coil, Greaves, and Felyne Head, as well as items like a "Happy Hunting!" photo frame, "Gimmie it Well-Done!" player title, and a “Hunter’s Dance” emote!

Additional content coming with this latest update to Street Fighter 6 also includes:

  • The classic arcade game “Magic Sword” comes to the Battle Hub Game Center as an unlockable premium reward!
  • Kimberly and JP are both celebrating their birthdays this month! Let’s celebrate right alongside them with the opportunity to get Drive Tickets and bonus Kudos along with participating in character-specific tournaments!

Street Fighter 6 is available on Steam for $59.99 and is rated Verified on the Steam Deck, we also found that the game played fairly well on the Steam Deck in our review.

Are you a fan of Monster Hunter? Are you glad to see these items being added to Street Fighter 6 so you can style yourself in Monster Hunter gear? Let us know in the comments below!

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