A new SteamOS update was launched on the preview branch of SteamOS that helped with some upscale filter issues. When the GPU was under high load, it could cause stuttering if you were using FSR or NIS to upscale games. With this update, the stutters have been reduced, so it should be much more playable. There were also some issues with the frame-pacing that affected external displays and the internal display getting stuck at 60Hz when waking up from sleep, which were both fixed.

Overall, this is a nice stability update that will make it much more playable when playing a game at a lower resolution.

SteamOS 3.5.9 Preview Update Changelog:

Graphics and Performance

  • Reduced stutters when the upscale filter was set to FSR or NIS under high GPU load.
  • Fixed an issue regarding frame-pacing and stutter, especially affecting some external displays.
  • Fixed display sometimes getting stuck at 60Hz after returning from sleep on the Steam UI.
  • Fixed an issue where a core could be stuck at 100% CPU if a game's window closed in an unclean way.

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