A new Steam Deck Client update for the stable branch just went out! This one includes the new changes that have been getting tested in the beta and preview branches of the client, including tons of fixes, as well as adding left and right stick deflection:


  • Fixed lock screen PIN reset process to not show PIN entry screen upon Steam Deck restart
  • Fixed crash when touching gift or new inventory item notification
  • Fixed "show password" toggle to show/hide the password.
  • Fixed On Screen Keyboard no longer showing when requested by the game or Proton
  • Fixed overlay causing crashes on some native games (Borderlands 2)
  • Fixed an issue where context menus would not properly highlight focused items
  • Fixed crash when exiting a 1-on-1 voice chat
  • Fixed an issue where notification toasts would fail to appear

Steam Input

  • Fixed a case where switching Virtual Menus w/ an action set, layer, or modeshift could cause them to stop working
  • Fixed an issue introduced in a recent update to the old Big Picture configurator causing the names of new virtual menu bindings to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed the L3 and R3 buttons not working on some third party PS3 controllers
  • Fixed controllers being treated as Xbox One controllers by default when defining their layout
  • Fixed the L3/R3 buttons not being detected for some third party PS3 controllers
  • Added Left and Right Stick Deflection as an option for Gyro Activation Buttons. Stick deflection is no longer considered a part of "Touch" (Cap Sense) on SteamDeck.
  • Fixed rumble for Switch Pro Controllers attached over USB

Remote Play

  • Fixed getting the wrong personalization (colors, etc.) for streaming PS4 controllers
  • Fixed streaming Bluetooth controllers not turning off

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed size of content in Update news dialog when running with Windows text scaling >100%
  • Fixed display of the Update News and other popup dialogs w/ GPU accelerated rendering disabled

You can view the changelog and discussion over on Steam.