Steam Deck Client Beta Update 7/27/22
Steam Deck Client Beta Update 7/27/22

Per Valve fashion, a new Steam Deck Client Beta Update was also released today! This one is pretty nice too, adding in a favorite guides to the in-game overlay, achievement progress notifications, and a new warning if the Deck gets too hot or too cold:

Steam Deck Client Beta Updates

  • Added favorite and popular guides to the Steam Overlay for easy access
  • Added notification when Steam Deck temperature goes outside the safe operating range
  • Achievement progress notifications (ie. You've collected 5/100 berries) will no longer play sounds
  • Resized virtual keyboard in Desktop mode to the appropriate dimensions
  • Fixed some performance problems for users with many screenshots
  • Fixed some navigation issues on an app's Achievements page
  • Fixed some touch styling issues with the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed sound playing for achievement progress notifications
  • Fixed overlay menu issues with games that do not have achievements

The achievement notifications and guides addition into the overlay is really great, but the warnings for if it’s too hot or cold is REALLY nice. While SDHQ looks at temperatures regardless, this will make sure that most won’t have to or worry about it as much!

You can view the announcement post for this update on the Steam Page.

Want to see what was updated for the SteamOS beta as well? Check out our article about the new SteamOS Beta Update.

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