SteamOS Beta Update 7/27/22 - Firefox Flatpak

Well, as soon as we saw the possible SteamOS 3.4 update, it looks like it was pushed into the beta branch! SteamOS Beta got an update today which includes the Firefox flatpak change, as well as updating controller firmware utilities and more. This beta also fixes the Xbox login window for Flight Simulator and Halo Infinite, as they didn't show some characters properly:

  • Updated Firefox to be installed as a Flatpak, rather than from the OS repositories, to ensure timely updates. First-time launches of Firefox from the desktop will now prompt for installation via the Discover Software Center, which will handle updates as they are published.
  • Added VGUI2 Classic Plasma Desktop theme.
  • Network connections created/edited on the desktop now default to system-wide, ensuring they are available in Gaming Mode.
  • Enabled initial IBus IME input support on the desktop for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboards.
  • Updates to controller firmware utilities to support future controller hardware revisions.
  • Fixed Xbox login window for Flight Simulator and Halo Infinite not rendering certain characters properly.

Unlike our previous article, this is much easier to download and utilize, and I highly recommend it! Having Firefox from the flatpak will allow more updates to Firefox security and possible new features as they come along. Definitely worthwhile to have!

You can check out the announcement and discussions on their Steam page.