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A new update was pushed out to the Steam Deck Client beta branch today. This updated focused on some issues with Joycons and Switch Pro controllers, some desktop problems, and reworked the layout of the mode settings page to show more content:

Steam Deck Client Beta Changelog:

Steam Input

  • Reworked the layout of the mode settings page to show more content
  • Added upper grips as an option for mode shifts.
  • Filtered Mode Shift button options to only show available buttons based on the controller type.
  • Fixed chord activator options for XBox and XBox Elite controller types.
  • Improved Layout Preview for Nintendo Switch Joycon Left/Right/Pair.
  • Fixed Capture button icon not being displayed for Joycon Pair.
  • Fixed the Switch Pro Layout Preview not showing the gyro.
  • Nintendo Switch SL/SR buttons now show up as Bumpers for single Joycons or Grip buttons for a JoyCon Pair.
  • Joycon individual/pair Gyro now displays and functions properly.

Deck Desktop

  • Hide the cursor when in gamepad-navigation mode in Big Picture
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode keyboard window not exiting when closed.
  • Fixed an issue with detecting game windows on Linux

You can view the full changelog and discussion over on Steam.

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