Steam Deck Client Beta
Steam Deck Client Beta

A new Steam Deck Client update was pushed out into the stable branch that brings in a wealth of bugfixes and performance improvements across the board. We now have better UI performance navigating the Steam interface and better performance when adding/removing games to and from family view. There were also bug fixes for inputting CD keys, on-screen text input, wide game images failing to load, and an issue was fixed where a non-responsive virtual controller could have been created.

There were also a couple of quality-of-life improvements, like descriptions for each setting and how they affect the system, a gyro calibration button has been added in controller configuration quick settings, and a new setting is available to control player LED on DualSense controllers. All in all, this is a nice update filled with some great fixes and improvements to make using the Steam Deck interface much better.

Steam Deck Client 2/27/24 Update Changelog:


  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam, clearing path for further updates soon.
  • Improved UI performance while navigating Steam interface.
  • Updated the quick access performance menu with descriptions for each setting, including how they affect the system and the expected power/performance/visual quality tradeoffs.
  • Triggering a Factory Reset will now install a clean version of the OS in addition to deleting user data if the OS image has been modified.
  • Improved performance when adding/removing multiple games to/from Family View in the library.
  • Corrected height of low battery notification.
  • Removed duplicate friend counter on game capsules.
  • Fixed a case where the sdcard was set as the default install location on reboot.
  • Fixed a case where the network status icon would fail to render for virtual networks.
  • Fixed store button on main menu remaining disabled in Family View even if store permissions were granted to the account.
  • Fixed creation of erroneous steamwebhelper processes when steamwebhelper crashes.
  • Fixed on-screen text input to show the game in the background.
  • Fixed downloading content with long file names in some cases.
  • Fixed a case where the client could get stuck in the shutting down screen.
  • Fixed a case where no element would be selected in the UI when closing the quick access menu.
  • Fixed CD Keys popup not appearing during launch for games that request it.
  • Fixed failing to switch to Japanese keyboard layout.
  • Fixed some extraneous disk reads that could impact performance.
  • Fixed game news sometimes appearing out of order in game details activity feed.
  • Fixed miscellaneous regressions in the screenshot manager.
  • Fixed wide game images sometimes failing to load.
  • Fixed custom logo positions sometimes not applying on app details pages.

Steam Input

  • Added a setting for the player LED for DualSense controllers.
  • Controllers can be used to dismiss/continue when controller support information panels appear before a game's launch.
  • QoL: Gyro Calibration button available in Controller Config Quick settings, and in the Gyro section of the Controller Layout Editor.
  • Fixed styling of the controller mode settings page.
  • Fixed Gyro enable button not being respected.
  • Fixed occasionally creating an extra virtual controller that is non-responsive.

Friends & Chat

  • Fixed a case where group chats could get stuck on "Requesting Group Chat Information" after reconnecting to Steam.

Remote Play

  • Fixed missing performance graph while streaming.

Desktop Mode

  • Stopped showing ready-to-play icon on Recent Games shelf, which does not filter to ready-to-play.
  • Fixed user avatar in title bar momentarily switching back to default during startup.
  • Fixed a case where mouse click input could stop working when starting to drag operation on a steam window.
  • Fixed main Steam window re-opening when closed if small mode has been entered or exited.
  • Fixed Steam windows sometimes freezing until resized.
  • Fixed maximize/restore button and window resize grip not updating properly.
  • Fixed "My Games" collection also including games borrowed from other users.
  • Fixed opacity of play bar on game details pages.
  • Fixed overlay notes window controls scrolling off the top and new note/delete note buttons not being visible.
  • Fixed mouse cursor jumping when some browser windows are closed or hidden.

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