A new Steam Deck Client updater was released today that brings in a bunch of different bug fixes, as well as some gyro improvements. There were a couple of layout regressions that were fixed for EULA dialogs and the quick access menu, the UI of the gyro calibration readings was fixed, and the device will no longer be randomly recognized as a previously authorized device for Family Sharing.

As for the Steam Input fixes, horizontal haptics are back in all the new "Gyro To" modes, gyro has been improved for Joystick Deflection mode, and there are no longer any occasional "jerks" in the new conversion modes that use gravity axis. Overall, this is a solid update that fixes up some of the lingering issues that have been coming with these new updates.

Steam Deck Client 11/22/23 Update Changelog:


  • Fixed SteamDeck being recognized as previously authorized device for Family Sharing.
  • Fixed the new controller support panel showing on tools/applications.
  • Fixed several layout regressions in the quick access menu, eula dialogs, and game achievements page.

Big Picture Mode

  • Add the buttons back to the game launch interstitials rather than relying on the footer buttons.

Steam Input

  • Fix the desktop configuration page being blank when opted-out of Steam Input
  • Fix for Steam Controller gyro turn rate, and sped up gravity correction. Both were affecting the feel of Gyro to Deflection Mode.
  • Fixed some controllers not being able to pass the Stationary Tolerances manual calibration phase.
  • Fixed occasional "jerks" in "Gyro To..." conversion modes that used the gravity axis (i.e. Player Space, World Space, Laser Pointer modes)
  • Improved Gyro to Joystick Deflection mode's low level noise.
  • Reinstated horizontal haptics for all new "Gyro To..." modes.
  • Fixed UI: order of Steam Deck Gyro's Calibration readings.
  • Attempt to fix legacy Gyro "Joystick" mode - use the gravity orientation found upon app switch and subtract it from the live feed.

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