A new Steam Deck Beta Client update was pushed out today that fixed an important issue that affect the beta and preview update clients. There were instances where the Steam client could get stuck while verifying files on the startup, but now, with this update, that has been fixed! There were also some other fixes, lock extents were implemented, and you can now bind the capture button on the Google Stadia controller:

Steam Deck Beta Client 10/23/23 Update Changelog:


  • Fix a case where the Steam client could get stuck in 'Verifying Files' during startup.


  • Re-implemented "Lock Extents" for Gyro To Joystick Deflection mode. Rotating the controller further than maximum deflection angle in any direction from the center point results in dragging the center point.
  • Fix for Gyro Deflection Mode: Joystick output was not centering when gyro disabled.
  • Fix for stale antidrift values being loaded from the cloud.
  • Fix for DualShock 4 autocalibration not working unless on the calibration screen.
  • Temporary Fix for SIAPI GetMotionData and legacy gyro modes using a buggy version of the sensor fusion quaternion.
  • Fixed a UI error in the controller settings when a controller hasn't been mapped yet
  • Added the ability to bind the capture button on the Google Stadia controller

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