There were two new Steam Deck Beta Client updates before the weekend hit that added some nice features to Steam Input and brought in some fixes. Another new gyro mode was added, which will be utilized primarily for steering and flight. The "Gyro to Joystick (Deflection) mode will ultimately replace the Joystick gyro mode. The update also adds in a power curve for the joystick to counteract the response curve that some games have.

We also saw a couple of fixes for the quick access and main menu, the new gyro mode, and a case where the Steam client could fail when opening URL requests:

Steam Deck Beta Client Update 10/19/23 Changelog:


  • Modal dialogs now dismiss when you click the background.

Steam Input

  • Fix for PlayStation DualShock 4 gyro sensitivity over Bluetooth for new Gyro Modes.
  • New Gyro Mode: "Gyro to Joystick (Deflection)". This is most appropriate for simulating Steering and Flight Yokes. This mode will eventually replace Gyro "Joystick". It is the last replacement mode for Gyro functionality. It shares the common Gyro Natural angles system.
  • Added "Joystick Power Curve" slider to both "Gyro to Joystick (Camera)" and the new "Gyro to Joystick (Deflection)" modes. This allows you to counteract the response curve that many games employ for better precision.

Steam Deck Beta Client Update 10/20/23 Changelog:


  • Fixed a case where the Main Menu or the Quick Access Menu would be immediately dismissed after opening.
  • Fix a case where the client would fail to handle some open URL requests.

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed small mode dimensions not restoring correctly if previously sized smaller than the minimum large mode dimensions
  • Fixed resize grip showing sometimes when windows are maximized

Steam Input

  • Fix for new Gyro to Joystick modes not applying Horizontal/Vertical settings, or Axis inversion settings or Rotation Output settings.

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