I still remember some of the first games I ever played on my original iPhone. Games like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump stand out to me above the rest, but there's one more that captured my attention and awe at what could be achieved on such a small device: Infinity Blade. This was the first Unreal Engine game to appear on a mobile device, and it showed off the capabilities it has while also creating an addictive and enjoyable experience. It was discontinued in 2018, 8 years after launch, but someone has taken up the mantle and made a PC-friendly version to download and try now!

InfinityBlade 2

Created by an anonymous developer, this version, which has all the updates and expansions from the first game, has been configured to work on PC. And yes, it is also working on Steam Deck thanks to Proton and Steam Input, which makes the keyboard controls easy to translate to a gamepad.

To download, just head to the Archive.org link and download the "ZIP" file while in Desktop Mode. Then, extract the contents to your Desktop and add the "Infinity Blade Launcher," which is in the Binaries folder, to Steam by right-clicking on it and selecting "Add to Steam." Once you go back to Game Mode, it should be there as a non-Steam shortcut. Once it is there, make sure to go to the launcher's compatibility tab on Steam and force Proton 8.0-5.

Now, the game will launch, but it doesn't support gamepad controls. I created my own little controller preset that you can use as well, but you will need to change some settings in the options. Make sure the Display resolution is set to 1280x800. Mine started at 4K resolution, and the controls need to be changed. Here is what I recommend changing both in the options and controller preset, which I have uploaded to Steam:

The controller preset will allow you to swing your sword in 4 different directions via the right joystick and Dpad, dodging with LB and RB and putting Magic, Super, and Blocking actions onto ABXY.

You will still need to use the touchscreen a bit, but otherwise, the game runs extremely well on the Steam Deck! It can keep 60 FPS with an under 9W battery drain, so you will be able to play for hours on end. I didn't expect the battery to be poor at all, but it's still nice to see.

And that's all! this is a really cool way to go back in time and play a long-forgotten game that can still be pretty fun. And it can feel pretty amazing to play on the Steam Deck, too!

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