JSAUX has quickly become one of the biggest names for Steam Deck accessories and docks. Their docks, carrying bags, back plates, and the awesome ModCase have been extremely helpful in keeping the Deck protected, looking great, and using it to the fullest. It was only a matter of time before some of these products started coming to the ROG Ally, and it looks like that wait is over! Today, JSAUX has released both the ModCase and Transparent RGB Back Plate for the Ally, and they look fantastic!

ROG Ally ModCase - $29.99 or $69.99


First up, we have the ModCase. This case goes around your ROG Ally to protect it from impact. It uses a mix of PC-ABS, Silicone, and TPU Edge Wrap to protect and absorb impact while keeping it fit in your hands. It also fits perfectly, so no ports or vents are blocked. The case has a built-in stand, and the travel cover that comes with it protects the front screen and can hold SD cards (though using SD cards on the ROG Ally is risky).

There are two versions of the ModCase to purchase. The basic set, which includes the case, travel cover, and two velcro fixed blocks to attach third-party accessories to the case, is $29.99. And the Power Bank kit, which comes with everything above and a 20000mAh power bank, is $79.99. The Power Bank Set has a $10 off coupon going on right now, bringing down the price to $69.99.

I love the ModCase on the Steam Deck, so seeing this for the Ally is fantastic. Of the two options, I would probably recommend the basic set due to there being better Power Bank deals that happen on Amazon pretty often for a larger capacity or 100W fast charging. Still, you can't go wrong with either!

ROG Ally Transparent RGB Back Plate - $39.99 (Use code PC0110)


Then, we have the more colorful of the two products! The Transparent RGB Back Plate for the ROG Ally will allow you to see through the back of your device while injecting some color in! I haven't seen anything transparent for the Ally yet, so this may be the first, and it looks awesome! And unlike the color handles of the Steam Deck, the RGB light will focus on the centerpiece, which can be lit up in one of 5 different RGB modes on 5 different plates.

The Transparent RGB Back Plate will be $39.99 and has no discounts (unless you buy more than 1 item), but if you use the code PC0110, you will get free Silicone grips! I have these grips already, and I love them, especially those for the back buttons. They feel much better on my fingers when slightly raised, and with it being free, there's no reason not to use the code!

Both of these products look fantastic; seeing them come to the ROG Ally is great. I am very excited to see the ModCase and how it feels with the Ally and the Back Plate. I am hopeful the case will make the Ally more comfortable to hold, as that is something I have consistently struggled with, but time will tell! Both products are available to purchase now and will start shipping next month.

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