Alan Wake Proton GE 8-17

The next Proton GE update has been released, and with it comes a chunk of new protonfixes to get some games running well on the Steam Deck. Other than updates to the components, we now have some protonfixes for Alan Wake, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Rainbow Six Siege. The multiplayer still doesn't work due to the anti-cheat, but it can launch again, which it wasn't able to before:

Proton GE 8-17 Update Changelog:

  • added protonfix for Alan Wake (thanks FozziHi)
  • added protonfix for Batman Arkham Asylum (thanks FozziHi)
  • added protonfix for Tokyo Necro (thanks R1kaB3rN)
  • added protonfix for The Song of Saya (thanks R1kaB3rN)
  • added protonfix for YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story (thanks R1kaB3rN)
  • added upstream patch to allow R6 Siege to launch again ( (multiplayer still does not work due to anticheat)
  • added fixup for resolution calculation when WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR is used (thanks Ph42oN and loathingKernel)
  • import upstream proton build changes
  • import upstream VR changes
  • update vkd3d-proton
  • update dxvk
  • update wine to bleeding-edge

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