Valve has been on point with making sure some of the biggest productions are able to run on the Steam Deck, as well as make sure they get that sweet green checkmark. Well, now, we officially have over 12,000 games that have been either Verified or Playable on the Steam store! This was confirmed on SteamDB, where we categorized the list of every game on Steam, and we got a solid 12,066 there!


To note, this list does include titles that have been removed from the Steam store but can still be downloaded. According to the Steam store, there are currently 11,528 games available to purchase now, which means there are 538 unlisted games, but still carry the Verified or Playable badge.

While it is exciting to see everything being tested for the Steam Deck, it is worth noting that the Verified system isn't the most accurate. It does still have issues, with some Verified titles not working correctly and "Unsupported" titles working flawlessly, and Valve isn't very transparent about why a game may be rated a specific way, but this is still nice to see.


You can check out some of the newest Verified/Playable games from last week too, including The Talos Principle 2, Viewfinder, and Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story.

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Noah Kupetsky
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