Yesterday, there was a new post in Lenovo's Legion Gaming community from US Senior Gaming Product Manager Ben Myers regarding a bunch of updates coming to the Legion Go in the next couple of months. These updates address a lot of consumer feedback and wishes, which is fantastic to see coming from a manufacturer. So, let's comb through and check out the status of the most wanted updates for the Legion Go:


Legion Go Graphics Drivers and Delivery Timing

One of the biggest points of discussion in the Legion Go community is the graphics drivers for the Z1 Extreme chip. When the Legion Go launched, it had outdated drivers that didn't have any updated ones available yet, resulting in worse performance for some of the newest games, including Lords of the Fallen and Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. While they have updated the drivers now, there is a discussion on release timing and whether those who have the device will need to wait a bit longer. Luckily, Lenovo is addressing it.

Ben noted that they understand the concern and are working to improve their release timing. Drivers will most likely be released on their China site first, followed by the North American site a few days later. There is also a new driver update coming next week, so we will stay tuned for that. They also plan to bring in OTA driver updates directly into Legion Space, so there won't be any need to go to another website to download and install.

BIOS, TDP, and UMA Buffer Support

There are also some BIOS updates coming soon. There will be some SD Card fixes to help with sleep and stability, which is great, but the big fixes come from TDP and the UMA Buffer. A fix for custom TDP settings is coming within the next 1-2 releases, and 6gb UMA Buffer support is confirmed and will be officially added soon. An option for an Auto UMA Buffer is being worked on and is still a high priority. The ability to set the buffer through Space doesn't have an ETA yet, but it is noted.

The next update is slated to be released next week.

Deadzone Management and Keymapping

Lenovo is aware of the desire for deadzone management and is working on it. It was originally planned for release at the end of December, but based on community desire, it has become a top priority. It is being prioritized for the end of this month. It isn't a confirmation, but the team is trying.

As for Keymapping, they are working on it and will provide as much of this functionality as they can. For right now, they are planning on adding a hotkey for the Xbox button in the next Legion Space release, which will be around the end of November. Still, they are working on maximum compatibility of all buttons and implementing things like Alt/F4, Alt/Tab, and more.

Game Profiles, FPS Limiters, and More

One of the biggest desires I have had is an FPS Limiter for Legion Space. Luckily, this is something they are working on and is planned for the end of December, along with custom fan curves. The FPS Limiter will have 30, 40, 50, 60, 90, 120, and 144 fixed settings. I am exceptionally happy to see 40 is included here since it was missing from the ROG Ally, and it is fantastic with 120Hz.

Game Profile improvements are coming at the end of November, and a way to turn off the power button light is being worked on for the end of December. There are also some other improvements they are working on but don't have a high priority yet, like hiding games in Space, minimizing Legion Space to the system tray, a Desktop Mode plan, and working on addressing compatibility issues from the native Portrait display.

There are some more updates that were noted, and you can check out the whole discussion over at the Legion Gaming Community post. I am extremely happy to see how well Lenovo is reacting and listening to the community, and addressing all of their concerns. Just like Valve, these kinds of actions show how much they care about the device and the people using it. I look forward to these updates, especially the FPS limiter, and am very excited to see what comes next.

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